Monday, April 20, 2009

Unlocking Natural Health

When we think of the words "Natural Health" many think hippies and herbs.

Yes to a degree you would be right in making that association, however,it is only because the alternative minded folk have been advocating thebenefits of herbal medicines, homoeopathy, massage, yoga etc for a longtime.I recently heard Bob Proctor, famous personal development coach andfeatured teacher in "The Secret", say, if 98% of people are going oneway, follow the 2%.

I suppose the lesson there is that the minority of people actually,deliberately think inderpendently of the masses. Questioning the validity of mainstream dogma before following blindly.I guess for a long time I have been one of the 2%. At a recent primaryschool reunion my 6th class teacher certainly seemed to think so !

As a result of that style of thinking I have uncovered many things thatare highly logical, very simple and in line with the natural intentionof the body, that when applied to every day living accelerate us into a state of health that maybe was thought to be out of reach.In the foreward of a book i am reading Murray Rose an Olympic Swimming legend writes; the short list of habits affecting our health, I subscribe to the following order of priority:

1. the thoughts we think

2. the depth of breath we take

3. the water we drink

4. the food we eat

5. the quality of the exercise

I have to agree with murray on this, yet all the hype is on the food and exercise. Even worse the main focus appears to be on the exercise, likegoing to the gym will make you healthy.

Well, sorry for the bad news, it will make you stronger and fitter, not healthier so much. Natural health is about living in accordance with the naturalrequirements of the body, allowing the body to maintain balance and healing at its optimum levels. Like every other creature on this lovely blue planet we share, we, the human, originally were equipped with what we needed to survive in our environment as it was. We were also equipped with more than our fairshare of intelligence it would seem.With this intelligence we managed to speed into a situation far removed from our natural adaptations, leading to all sorts of nasty businessthat i prefer not to go on about too much.

Just think pollution,chemicals in food, climate change, and premature death from life style related illness and other similar stuff. The point is; we can not adapt and certainly not evolve to cope with themassive changes that have occurred in the last three generations of our modern mankind. Evolution take millions of years, adaptation 100s of1000s. Remains of humans dating back 60,000 years are just like us. Yet they had no processed foods, fertilised foods, agriculture,information stress, "the Jones'" to keep up with, medicine, guns, bombs, instant living blah blah that we are subjected to daily.

Yeah there would have been a down side to the way they lived, however it would have been a whole lot simpler. Natural health in our modern day is about working with the body to let it do its best, that is it in a nut shell. It is not hard or complex. Infact it is easier then chasing illnesses with questionable drugs and tests. How we think, breathe, drink, eat and move can be enhanced with gentle therapies and herbs to create amazing improvements. It is not just for hippies, it is the way of the future.

All the best till next time

Andrew Fenwick
Health and Wellness Coach
Newcastle Australia

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