Monday, March 23, 2009

Value in the Attitude

Hi all, welcome to the first Wellness Blog from my desk.

I thought it worthwhile to start right at the start in terms of you achieving life long sustainable health and wellbeing. You may wonder why i always use both these terms at the same time, aren't they the same thing.

Well not really, health is a physical thing. You are healthy, no illnesses, organs are functioning, energy levels are high and you look and feel vibrant. Wellbeing (although it encompasses health) is much broader. Relating to how you feel about yourself, your happiness, your security in the world as well.

The work I do is about your whole wellbeing. Improving physical health makes it easier to enjoy life, enjoying life makes physical health easier. As a result of working with you on both we see much better outcomes.

One of the things that I find holds people back more then any other issue is their attitude to being on the road to wellbeing.

Paradigms (the collection of beliefs, rules and morales we use to stop us thinking about choices ) that we refer to often hold us back until we actually recognise them as paradigms.

Examples could be, " My mother always did it this way" so it must be right. " People who are focussed on being healthy eat rabbit food and can't enjoy themselves", "The government wouldn't allow it on the shop shelf if it would harm us", "Everyone else does it that way".

The point to focus on today is; much of the stuff we use from our own subconscious mind to make choices with is rubbish that other well meaning folk have implanted there along the way.
The next time you find yourself in resistance to a new food, suggestions about the foods you eat now, concepts that are at odds with the mainstream, check with yourself. Where might that be coming from? Who told me that? Is thing resistance based on truth or an old belief?

If you trully wish to achieve excellent health and optimum wellbeing you will require the courage to not be mainstream. You will need to develop an attitude that puts wellbeing at the top of your list of priorities (there is nothing else you can accumulate in a life time that you can trully enjoy without wellbeing in any case).

Creating a life purpose that puts achieving / maintaining health and optimum wellbeing at the top is a powerful tool to access daily. It will help you make decisions along the way, it will help you pursue better results and feelings each day.

A wellbeing attitude helps you know that what you do and think today affects who you become . What you eat and drink, the walk you take, the expanding happy thoughts you choose all have an impact on how things will be in the future.
So if you hear something new (particularly via this weekly tip) that you are challenged by, stop and think, what am I thinking, where did that thought come from, am I thinking or just reacting from an old paradigm?

I will share things that are not mainstream regularly here. Not because it is fun to do it, but because I have chosen to challenge everything I see happening, that I am told or read in my studies. If we just follow the crowd we will end up where someone at the front wanted to go, nothing to do with us choosing at all. Sheep in a paddock, lemmings off the cliff.

Have a think this week, how many rules and beliefs do you have that stop you from opening your mind and heart to pursuing optimum wellbeing.

Joy, health and Prosperity
Andrew Fenwick

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